I Expect More From CBC [Updated: CBC Responds To Our Collective Criticism]


[Originally posted this image on Facebook]

Life value compared in font-size: 3 Israelis = 25pt, 13 Palestinians = 11.5pt

When I originally took this photo, there were 13 Palestinians killed. Within an hour the death toll increased to 15 Palestinians killed and CBC updated it in their sub-title. However, the article’s headline structure based on font-size remains the same. 


I think it is important to contact CBC and express your disappointment, I expect much more from them. 

Read the article: http://bit.ly/QfYl88

—— Update: 11/15 11:00am ——

Once again the title of the article is updated. Although the wording has changed, the emphases is still on “3 Israelis killed” with only a mention of “15 Palestinians killed” in the sub-title. The font-size remains the same. 

—— Update: 11/15 12:55am ——

After posting about this article on Facebook, Twitter and here on my blog. Thanks to many of you who shared it (1000+ shares), CBC has updated the title of the article.


It makes a difference when we collectively speak out. Can we do the same for this war? How many people will it take to bring an end to this conflict?

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